Multi-Purpose Protection

Motion sensors, smoke detectors and thermostats each need your individual attention and maintenance. At SoundEye, we offer you the protection of all these devices and more in one convenient package.

GoGo integrates sound recognition technology with motion detectors and environmental sensors, providing a safety solution that fits seamlessly into various environments.

How GoGo Works

Motion and environmental sensors

Detect abnormalities in the environment (changes in temperature, smoke, intruders).

Sound recognition technology

Identifies abnormal sounds (screams, cries for help, sounds of equipment).

Mobile-connected alert system

Sends warning alerts via the SoundEye app for immediate verification.

An All-Round Protector

GoGo is suited for use in a range of locations.

Eldercare facilities


Workspace safety

Predictive maintenance

Emergency monitoring

Quick, Reliable, Convenient

Guaranteed Privacy

Swift Response

Minimal Maintenance

The GoGo Advantage

Reduce manual patrols

Warnings will be sent without the need for regular in-person checks.

Avoid alarm fatigue

Get timely notifications through the app and quick verification system.

Active monitoring at all times

Device is always running as no downtime is needed for charging and maintenance.

Sleek and Compact Design

Technical Specs

AI Technology

Ideal range & Operating temperature

Dimensions and Weight

Colours and Materials


Power and Ports

Speakers and Mics

Sensors and Components


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