Camera-Free Monitoring

Whether you’re caring for an infant or elderly loved one at home, or responsible for your employees on the factory floor, their safety is your top priority.

Lasso is equipped with fall detection and prevention technology along with sound recognition capability. You’ll be alerted immediately when someone under your supervision is showing signs of physical distress or calling for help.

How Lasso Works

Class 1 eye-safe laser

Captures a "depth image" of the environment.

Advanced AI algorithm

Analyses the individual's position, pre-fall and post-fall.

Sound recognition sensors

Identify abnormal sounds like screaming, coughing or crying.

Warning alerts

Sent to user's mobile device or online dashboard.

2-way intercom

Instant communication and alert verification.

Healthcare facilities

Public spaces

Industrial areas

Safety Made Simple

Simply Efficient

Respects Privacy

Hassle-free Use

The Lasso Advantage

Reduce manual patrolling

Save time and energy by cutting down physical inspections.

Avoid alarm fatigue

Quick verification and intercom features enable efficient and timely responses.

Enhanced surveillance

24/7 active monitoring pinpoints areas of concern.

Elegant and Discreet Design

Technical Specs

AI Technology

Ideal range & Operating temperature

Dimensions and Weight

Colours and Materials


Power and Ports

Speakers and Mics

Sensors and Components


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Put Your Mind at Ease With Protection from Lasso.

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